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NDC is a reputed firm with a proven and consistent track record of providing and implementing results-oriented services that build a successful Amazon business.


Nexus de commerce prides itself on modifying our services to each client’s precise needs at every collaboration. We make sure that we listen, adapt, and execute services that are well-matched for each problem. Our wide range of professionals has prepared to operate with any interested Amazon FBA sellers and other Amazon sellers from any marketplace. 

Our wide client’s range are from the USA & UK, and all international markets as well. NDC is expanding its business services worldwide. Due to our consultants’ extensive experience, we are confident that NDC will be able to help you with any problem you and your business may face.

What we offer

Our firm provides a wide range of Amazon marketing services to our individual and business clients from product selection to amazon account management. We are able to give our clients tailored quality service. Below, the services are listed that we are offering along with a brief description.

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Product Hunting

“Winning Products” needs deep research and analysis our team apply deep statistical and analytical strategies on product hunting procedure, we can find the winning product as per investment budget and evaluate profit as well as product potential for your Amazon business.



Product Hunting is a search for a product that fulfils the criteria for a suitable market and will give you profit.


  • The price of the product should be around $15-$40
  • Profit should be above 30%
  • Choose the non-breakable product( don’t go for products made up of glass or ceramic)
  • Minimum variations ( not more than 4)
  • Make sure the product you hunted belongs to the non-gated category
  • The product should have consistency in monthly sales (especially in the top 5 listings)
  • The product should not be brand dominant or amazon dominant
  • Make sure the product you select is typical
  • The product should be eligible for both air and sea ( that is weight, dimensions should be optimum)
  • The product should have high sales and high search volume


Product Sourcing

Product sourcing is a process of finding reliable suppliers from whom you can buy quality products to sell at a reasonable margin to grow your business. That may sound easy, but you have to do your deep research and remain vigilant so that your customers always have a positive experience. 

To get the best quality and best price you need to find out the supplier of your competitors product & most of the profit is made by sourcing at the right price, sourcing product at the right price is a huge challenge for Amazon sellers. NDC will manage and find the best supplier for you as we have extensive connections with suppliers in the market. If you are an Amazon seller, we will make the whole process easy for you. NDC has established a dedicated sourcing department for Amazon sellers. There are more specific services for Amazon seller:


Product Launching

Product launch is a very vital part of the Amazon private label process, most of the product launch fails due to the lack of market exposure. A new launching of FBA PL product in the Amazon marketplace involves a lot of work or more than you might realize at first.

It is not an easy job nor just a matter of listing the product. We have to do deep research for it also find the right high-quality images, written content, organize early promotions, advertising strategies, generate early reviews, and ultimately make the product visible. It sounds like a lot but the right guide can help you to get successful launching. NDC product launch services enable you to test and identify whether your product is suitable to sell. With the help of the NDC product launch, our experts will come up with strategies that ensure your product will have a successful launch! We have been launch over 1000 sellers of FBA PL products that are making more amazing profits cause of the right strategy of product launching, ranking, and managing. To work with us so you can focus on your business development. We bring the customers, you get the deal, it’s that straightforward. With NDC you’ll have genuine feelings of serenity realizing that your Amazon product launch is in the hands of professionals.


Account Management

After product launch, Amazon several tasks need to be done regularly to ensure you are maximizing your sales Maintaining a Seller Account is a responsibility if you want to scale your Amazon business. There are several things to watch, including your account health, seller feedback, inventory levels, performance alerts, not to mention sales trends and unexpected changes.

NDC experts at Seller Collaborating will provide you a professional approach in Amazon support handling, we are experienced in optimizing customer service, and protecting your seller account health in all aspects. This is where NDC Amazon account management services come in. We offer a complete catalogue of account management services to cover the full scale of selling opportunities. we can help pinpoint the best options for your business.

Our Full Account Management service covers:

  • Setting up your Amazon account
  • Brand Registry
  • Listing of products and assigning Categories
  • Creating Multi-variant listing if required
  • Optimizing listing for Amazon Search Engine
  • Configuring FBM or FBA (Whichever is preferred by you)
  • Strategic work on pricing
  • Inventory and order management
  • Enhanced Brand Content
  • Amazon advertisement management
  • Winning Amazon Buy Button
  • Prep & Logistics
  • Working on Customer Support and responding to inquiries instantly
  • Getting more positive reviews/ratings from customers
  • Overall Amazon Account Health
  • Constant Amazon Updates

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